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Outlook 2011 Folder Item Count Recommendations

Recently a user asked what the limits were for good performance in Outlook 2011.  Checking around the various support articles I found (italics mine):

So the number of items is in question and also whether or not subfolders count toward that number.  I contacted Microsoft support and asked which answers were correct–here is the response:

  • “I would recommend keeping the Inbox, Sent and Deleted items folders below 10,000 items if possible.”
  • “Keep a maximum of 20,000 items each in the Inbox and Sent Items folders (includes the folders and subfolders).”
  • “The Calendar, Contacts and Tasks should stay below 5,000 if possible.”

Note that these recommendations were easier for Microsoft support since my company uses Office 365 Hosted Exchange and thus the Exchange environment was known by support.  Different Exchange servers may not be able to support this sort of load and may require lower item counts.

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