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More Thoughts on Munki’s AutoRemove

Previously I had discussed using autoremove for Adobe CC 2014 Installer Items, believing the best option to conserve disk space was to automatically remove Adobe CC since “Hey, if I didn’t put it there, it’s not needed.”  A couple of recent experiences has changed my mind.

  • I recently installed the Adobe CC 2014 suite on a computer where some Adobe CC 2014 applications were already installed.  While the client’s manifest was set up properly, I use the “site_default” manifest as a starting point to configure a handful of settings.  Unfortunately I chose to include the “production” catalog in the “site_default” manifest.  Since “site_default” (naturally) doesn’t include any Adobe CC 2014 products, Munki checked software for removal and attempted to remove the Adobe CC 2014 software it discovered.  In order to prevent future unintended actions, I created a separate “site-default-catalog” catalog for the “site_default” manifest, thus lowering the chance I shoot myself in the foot.*
  • Both the “old” CS6 suite and the “new” Adobe CC 2014 suite include the now-discontinued Fireworks CS6. I had both Fireworks CS6 packaged by AAMEE (licensed via ETLA) and Fireworks CS6 packaged by CCP (licensed via Creative Cloud) available in my Munki repo as unique Installer Items. I then installed Fireworks CS6 from the AAMEE-based Installer Item.  On the next managedsoftwareupdate run Munki noticed Fireworks CS6 was installed and the Fireworks CS6 Installer Item from the CCP-based installer was not included in the client’s manifest and therefore should be removed. Thus Munki had it’s own titanic battle with itself, alternately uninstalling and reinstalling Fireworks CS6 with each subsequent managedsoftwareupdate run.

*Note I didn’t say Munki succeeded in uninstalling the CC 2014 software.  Since I was still testing Munki 2.1’s support of CCP pkgs, I hadn’t yet made Munki 2.1 available in the “production” catalog.  Thus the CCP Installer Item’s uninstall_method of “AdobeCCPUninstaller” wasn’t understood by the older Munki client and uninstall failed.

Due to the two items above I’ve decided that setting “autoremove” to true for Adobe CC 2014 isn’t the best choice.  I’ve pared back my “autoremove” to the serialization Installer Items rather than the Adobe CC 2014 Installer Items themselves.

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